3 Ventry St, Alexandra
Mobile: 021 890 347
8:45am to 2:45pm,
Monday to Friday.
2 years to school age

You’ll find our  purpose-built Kindergarten at 3 Ventry Street Alexandra, located on the grounds of Alexandra Primary School, just minutes from the town centre and other local schools. Our programme, for children aged 2 – 5 years, is based on the needs and interests of your child, in consultation with you and your whānau.  Tamariki are encouraged to contribute to the planning process, giving them a sense of ownership and a voice.

Our teaching team

Kaylene Dwyer
Head Teacher
Graduate Diploma of Teaching (ECE)
Darcie Hamilton
Bachelor of Education
Gayle Taucher
Diploma of Teaching (ECE)
Kylee Murphy
Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)
Jeanine Bell
Bachelor of Education
Diploma of Teaching (ECE)

At Kidsfirst Kindergartens Alexandra  our beautiful big backyard has been designed by experts with young children in mind.  And beyond the kindergarten gates our Nature Discovery Programme is a fun-filled learning programme where our tamariki explore and discover with freedom to take risks, learn about  the past, present and future of our region, and learn to know and love our local fauna and flora. 

We believe in the value of play, and in supporting children to be present and aware in their moment of play. Our experienced teachers will support your child to build relationships with other tamariki and adults, practice sharing and co-operation with others, problem-solve, persist and not give up - all while playing. Your child will become independent (but not afraid to ask for help), will develop language, literacy and numeracy skills, learn about promoting sustainability, and become culturally aware and confident.  And at Kidsfirst Alexandra we have a strong emphasis on visual arts and physically active play.


Our team acknowledges and value every person in this place as a teacher and learner, supporting the tikanga principle of ako: the educator is also learning from the child, that the learner and whānau cannot be separated. 


You're always welcome here!  We're here to help each family to find the right balance for them and their child, and we welcome visitors to the kindergarten to extend the children’s interests and learning. 


We would recommend that you enrol initially for at least two full days – building up to five days at your child's pace.  This gives our teachers time to get to know your child and gives consistency around supporting their learning in a sustained way rather than just a few hours here and there.

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