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Governance | Kidsfirst Kindergartens


Kidsfirst is fortunate to have a Board of Directors made up of talented people from the educational sector, business world and community.


Seconded members make up any expertise gaps that we may have. Kidsfirst is a not-for-profit organisation, but we understand the value of the commercial perspective, especially since we operate in an extremely competitive marketplace.


The Kidsfirst Board can be best described as being the legal governing body for the Canterbury Westland Kindergarten Association (Inc), and it operates in a similar manner to a Board of Trustees in the primary and secondary education sector. 


A Kidsfirst board member is a trustee representing the interests of tamariki, parents and guardians of the Association. The board and its members are entrusted by the community with the overall responsibility for around 70 kindergartens which come under the umbrella of the organisation. The term of office for a board member is a two year period with a maximum of three terms. Nominations are requested for vacant positions each year prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and are voted for by our members through postal ballot. Successful candidates are announced at the AGM.


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