19 Banks St, Templeton, Christchurch
Mobile: 021 762 659
8:30am to 2:30pm,
Monday to Friday.
2 years to school age

You’ll find our  amazing kindergarten through our waharoa (gateway) at 19 Banks St, between Templeton School and the farm. Our teaching team looks forward to working with you to ensure your time at Kidsfirst Kindergartens Templeton is full of fun and learning. 

Our teaching team

Trish Ralston
Head Teacher
NZ Free Kindergarten Union Diploma
Chris Gibbens
Bachelor of Education
Diploma of Teaching
Manjit Singh
Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (ECE)

Kidsfirst Kindergartens Templeton is a well-resourced kindergarten with a spacious, welcoming, and attractive and child-centred environment. Our indoor space provides lots of opportunities to try new things, inspire curiosity and develop creativity through play. We work to provide an atmosphere full of fun in an environment that gives our children independence and sense of belonging.


Our beautiful, big backyard has lots of room for children to explore and to develop their physical skills, with a variety of moveable equipment that allows children to set their own challenges. We have large gardens where we teach our children to look after our environment by being involved in planting and caring for the crop, and by looking after and caring for our hei hei (chickens), composting and worm farm. We love being next door to the farm which the children watch closely from the bridge in our playground.

Our kindergarten celebrates learning through play. We develop children’s curiosity though a process of inquiry, research and exploration, building on their working theories and ideas to help children gain an understanding of their world.


The Education Review Office has awarded us their highest rating, saying “They have established a culture in which children are first and foremost valued, celebrated and affirmed for who they are and what they bring to their learning. Teachers provide a rich curriculum and resources that foster curiosity, active exploration and creativity”


We support the children’s play, and work to develop the skills they need as 21st century learners, such as:

Whai Wāhitanga   (being interested and involved)

Manawanui  (being brave and taking safe risks)

Māia  (developing confidence and competence)

Auahatanga  (creativity)

Mahi Tahi (working collaboratively, social competence)

Manaakitanga (kindness and caring)

Rangatiratanga  (developing leadership skills)

Ohaohanga (generosity) 

Mana Reo (communication and language skills) 

Hīraurau raruraru (problem solving, being innovative)

Manawaroa (building resilience and patience)

Hiranga (determination)

Arotahi (focus)

Kananga  (responsibility) 

Whakatoi (daring) 

Hūmārie (humility) 

Whakahī (pride) 

Whakakata (humour)


At Kidsfirst Templeton we work in partnership with our families and value your input into your child’s learning based on each family’s uniqueness and aspirations for their tamariki.  We use learning stories to illustrate your child’s learning and work with you to plan and implement strategies to further develop their learning.  Parents and whānau are welcome to stay whenever you can.


We have community events each term, like picnics, discos, wheel-a-thons and movie nights – everyone is welcome! Our parents are really supportive of our kindergarten and help out in lots of ways like taking home washing, sharing knowledge, skills, language and culture and resources, cooking and baking with the children, helping with fundraising and attending events - all enriching our programme.


We treasure this whakatauki:


Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi engari he toa takitini.

I come not with my own strengths but bring with me the gifts, talents and strengths of my family, tribe and ancestors.


We are under the protective cloak of Ngāti Moki Marae and celebrate this bicultural partnership by learning about our local legends,with  visits to the marae and learning about Te Waihora (Lake Ellesmere). Our kindergarten environment is reflective of our bicultural heritage with native plantings, a whare and wahaoroa (gate way) that welcomes you into our kindergarten.


We are proud to be part of the Templeton community. You’ll see us out and about exploring our place,  with picnics in the domain, and adventures on the Yellow Line Bus to the Hornby Library, Woodcote Retirement Home, Riccarton Bush and Templeton School and out into our city.


We work closely with Templeton school (or any school of your choice) to ensure that your child has a happy and successful transition to school. The new entrant teachers regularly visit our kindergarten and our oldest ten children visit the new entrant class at Templeton School.


We would recommend that you enrol initially for at least two full days – building up to five days at your child's pace.  This gives our teachers time to get to know your child and gives some consistency around supporting their learning.  


Nau mai, tauti mai - come in any time – we’ll show you around and make you welcome!

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