Out of the mouths of babes! Tickle your funny bone with this selection of priceless children's quotes shared by teachers from around the network...  








Child on a swing calls out to teacher: “Hey Sweetie! Give us a push?”



Child to Teacher: (on a question about his fancy dress costume) “No, I’m a ninja, you fool!”



Child: “Can I paint?”

Teacher: "No its tidy up time, ask early in the morning."

Child: "Who’s early?"



(Outside with a couple of children on a rainy day).

Teacher: “I wonder where the worms are?”

Child: “Oh, they are playing hide and seek.” 



Child: "We're going on holiday in our camper van."

Teacher: "I'd like to buy a camper van when I'm older."

Child: "But you're already old!" 



Child: “I went to the dental nurse and got my teeth cleaned shiny bright but I had my lunch and now they stink again.”



Teacher (reading a book about a pig): “Does anyone know what a pig's trotter is?”

Child: “A horse.”



Child: "My sister’s two"

Teacher: "So how old are you?"

Child: "I’m four."

Teacher: "You are too."

Child: "NO, I said I am FOUR!"



Child: “My Dad drank lots of beer and was sick. I think it’s called vodka and it was lots of bottles.”



Teacher: “Why is that light swinging?"

Child: "It’s an earthquake.”

Teacher: “No it can’t be an earthquake because the other light isn’t swinging.”

Child: “It’s half an earthquake.”



Teacher: "What do you call the people who live in Japan?"

Child: “Humans.”



Child: “I went to the lion king movie, there was Simba.”

Teacher: “Was Simba the son?”

Child: “NO the sun’s up in the sky, Simba's in a MOVIE.”



Child (landing awkwardly after attempting a big jump in the playground) “Actually I’m too heavy to be a bird.”



Child 1: “My grandmother isn’t alive anymore."

Child 2: "Mine is, she’s still taking her pills.”



(During former Prime Minister John Key's kindy visit)

Child 1: "How many bees live in the beehive?"

Child 2: “When will Donald Trump visit us?”




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