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33 Keighleys Rd,
Kia Ora

Our Teachers

Linda Roper
Head Teacher
NZ Free Kindergarten Union Diploma
Tony West
Bachelor of Teaching and Learning
Diploma of Teaching (ECE)
Kres Schuurman
Bachelor of Teaching (ECE)
Diploma of Teaching (ECE)

Our Professional Leaders are an important member of our teaching team.  Based at Kidsfirst Head Office, they are on-site regularly to observe our programme, give us feedback and professional support, and encourage us toward continuous educational improvement. Please feel free to talk with them about your child’s kindergarten/centre experience...


Our PL is Nicki Chapman


Our Hours Are...

Session Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Full-day 8:45-14:45 8:45-14:45 8:45-14:45 8:45-14:45 8:45-14:45
Morning 8:45-11:45 8:45-11:45 8:45-11:45 8:45-11:45 8:45-11:45

We are able to talk to parents and caregivers most of the time, so please make an appointment if you'd like to do this. EMAIL US HERE

Our Session Times

Your child can come to our kindergarten for up to 6 hours a day, Monday to Friday, during our 4 kindergarten terms.
These terms echo the terms your child will have when they start school.




You can read more here about what's been happening in our archive of stories about Kidsfirst Kindergartens, the fun we have, the processes and learning outcomes that result and why we're such a great start for your child.







You’ll find our kindergarten located on the Bromley School site. You can come in from Keighleys Rd through the Bromley School staff carpark or through the walkway from Korora St.


Behind our gate you will hear and see engaged children aged 2 – 5 years enjoying our large and leafy outdoor space.  Tamariki here have freedom to explore, connect with other children and learn through play.  Visitors often comment on the calm, relaxed yet busy environment they see as they come into the kindergarten.  All around you will see children busy at work alongside each other, making choices for play that engage them with the people, the places and the things of our environment and community.


The environment inside has areas set up for children aged 2 – 5 years to explore and engage in play experiences with and alongside each other. Children can choose from a wide range of resources and equipment:  there are quiet, creative and imaginative play areas and learning occurs in all spaces at your child’s pace.   Our skilled and experienced teaching team is committed to supporting each child to gain the ability to work, learn, and get along with others while being in a caring, stable and happy environment. Time spent at Kidsfirst Kindergartens Bromley will help to spark and focus your child’s curiosity and natural love of learning.

Our skilled and experienced teaching team passionately support children’s learning, their interests, skills and abilities.  We acknowledge and value every person in this place as a teacher and learner.  This supports the tikanga principle of ako: that the educator is also learning from the child, and that the learner and whānau cannot be separated.  Our programme is based on the New Zealand early childhood curriculum “Te Whāriki”, which strengthens early learning and lays a strong foundation for later success. Our teachers plan programs and focus areas around the children, and their whānau’s aspirations for them. Our children are encouraged to contribute to the planning process, giving them a sense of ownership and a voice.


Our programme has a strong focus on social competency - getting along well with others, being able to form and maintain relationships, and responding in adaptive ways in social settings.  A strong sense of Manaakitanga (caring and respect) and Whanaungatanga (family, relationships, history, traditions) are central to the culture that is Kidsfirst Kindergartens Bromley.

Exploration and engagement with nature are a passion of the teaching team integrating the tikanga of kaitiakitanga (guardianship, care-taking) within the programme daily - supporting the children to develop eco-awareness and to understand their role in it.


We value whānau input, with an open door policy for all. But we understand the pressures on parents too – there is no pressure for you to stay.  You can be involved whenever it suits you. We are here to help each family to find the right balance for them and their child, and we welcome visitors to the kindergarten to extend the children’s interests and learning.  Whānau help on excursions, stay for a cuppa and biscuit, read stories, catch up with each other and show they value their child’s education just by being present.


Through collaboration with Ministry of Education, Teaching Team and connected agencies there has been a ‘Hub’ established where the community can gather monthly, have a sausage, tamariki play games and catch up.

We border Bromley School and have a connecting gate where we can visit the school grounds and have a run a round. We also have a close relationship with the school where weekly transition to school visits occur with whānau help.


Our kindergarten operates for six hours each day, from 8.45am – 2.45pm. This works really well if you have older children going to school as you can do the drop offs and pick-ups at the same time. 

We would recommend that you enrol for at least two full days – building up to five days.  This gives our teachers time to get to know your child and gives some consistency around supporting their learning.  It’s hard for our teachers to do this with just a few hours here and there.


Come in any time – we’ll show you around and make you welcome!

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