We believe so strongly in the benefits that Kidsfirst brings families, that we footed the bill for all children to attend our services for up to 30 hours per week, for free, for six years following the Canterbury quakes and Pike River tragedy. Thousands of families took us up on the offer, and enjoyed more of the benefits of kindergarten, for more hours, each week.


Kindergarten provided the stability, normality and routine that children and families needed at that time, but the benefits are there in the good times, too. Those extra ten hours can make all the difference to children’s learning and social development, and give families the time they need to attend to busy lives.


We’re still offering 20 Free Hours of ECE per week*, but your child can also attend for between 10 and 15 more starting at $6.00 per hour, depending on the Kidsfirst service. And the great news is that Kidsfirst is a not-for-profit organisation, so any surplus that is generated is reinvested into our services.


We know it can sometimes be tricky to fit kindy into busy family lives and find the money for those extra hours**, but for more than 5,000 Canterbury, Westland and Central Otago parents, it’s worth it:
























*conditions apply

**you may be eligible for a WINZ Subsidy to help with the cost



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