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Fees | Kidsfirst Kindergartens


Most children in our kindergartens can benefit from up to 20 hours free each week - even for two year olds! You can find out more in our Fees Policy.


Many choose to stay for another 10 hours (paying a small extra fee) and benefit from a full kindy week. More time at kindy means more time for fun, friends, and learning that happens every day.


Get More Hours | Kidsfirst Kindergartens


Sometimes you’ll see a limited number of our kindergartens offering free or discounted hours. These special offers are often time limited, and only available at specific services. Follow the ‘Get More’ button to find out more.


Fees are normally charged for the following:


- All hours used by children aged under two years.

- Any weekly hours over 20 hours for children aged 2-5 years.


You may be eligible for a WINZ subsidy

Our Fees Policy.


For more information about what kindergarten will cost for your child,

please call our Head Office on 03 338 1303 or email questions@kidsfirst.org.nz




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