Peter Fleming is one of our many inspiring teachers and has captured some wonderful 'moments of inspiration' on camera at kindergarten...  








Gone are the days when our kindergartens sent out a typewritten newsletter, maybe with a sketchy line drawing, to families who pour over every word.


Today’s parents are used to images telling the story and - in this day of the ubiquitous smart phone - to those images being taken and shared everywhere.


We’re constantly bombarded by visual communication and content.


What’s more, those images have gone from just being an accompaniment to the story to often being the story itself, as time (or the inclination) to read large amounts of copy is becoming more and more rare.


We all know how powerful an image can be. How much it can convey.


Go into our kindergartens and early learning centres and you’ll see teachers and children taking photos. You’ll see printouts of photos all over the walls, explaining recent events and showing everyone getting involved. And you’ll see portfolios and learning stories brimming with images.


These images help to show who we are.


As one of our teachers, Peter Fleming, says, photos can bring an inside view of what goes on in Kidsfirst Kindergartens to other people.


He explains that if a child is clinging and upset in the morning when a parent or caregiver leaves, seeing a photo of that same child happily interacting with others during the day can put worried minds at ease.


Seeing the moment captured when a child learns something new or makes a discovery, lighting up their face with joy, is very special.


Here are some of our favourites...






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