These little gardeners helped revitalise a local community vegie patch - there's lots of opportunities at kindergarten for tamariki to lend a hand in their local community.   







On the edge of Christchurch Easts’ River Road Red Zone (and walking distance from Kidsfirst Shirley kindergarten), is the Richmond Community Garden.


The garden is nestled on the grounds of lovely historic homestead Avebury House, on Evelyn Couzins Ave and extends into some of the surrounding empty red-zoned sections. Here lovingly tended, fresh sun-ripened vegetables (and community spirit) abound.



“Exploration of our local community to gain an understanding of the red zones and how tamariki could help contribute, was part of our self review and the inspiration for our kindy group garden visit,” says Teacher, Rebecca Dulieu.




The Richmond Community Garden group are passionate about the project, and love to host local kindergartens, helping to educate youngsters on the joys of growing their own vegetables. 


“As we learn about and explore our local community, we encourage our children to contribute and feel proud to be part of a collective of helpers that support wonderful initiatives like this,” says Rebecca.



“Tamariki were thrilled to help plant new life in amongst the ongoing, busy noise around us of the rebuild in progress,” says Rebecca.


The clangour and hum of machinery hard at work in the neigbouring empty sections, also provided opportunities to share ideas and understand how to rebuild a community that is "broken." 


"If we plant all this it can grow big and cover all the dirt and bits of crashed concrete,” says one little green-thumbed learner.


“I felt really proud/kei te whakahihi au of our tamariki,” says Rebecca. “They embraced this new learning with such enthusiasm, really got 'stuck in', and showed so much maanakitanga/respect for the people and the environment.”


“We feel honoured to be a part of this and we thank the Richmond Community Garden group for being so welcoming - we can’t wait for our next visit!”  




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