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Term 1

Starts Mon 22nd Jan

Ends Fri 13th April


Term 2

Starts Mon 30th April

Ends Fri 6th July


Term 3

Starts Mon 23rd July

Ends Fri 28th Sept


Term 4

Starts Mon 15th Oct

Ends Fri 21st Dec




Every kindergarten has a story...

sometimes a whole lot of stories!


There's so much to tell about the last hundred years that we couldn't start to do it justice. What we can do, though, is tell a few of the little stories that help to make up the big picture.


Take a look at some of the interesting things that have happened in our kindergartens since 1911, right thought to 2011. There's always a lot happening at kindy.


(There's more happening everyday, as you can see in our kindergarten stories, reflecting life in our various kindergartens today.)


You can read about the 'tip of the iceberg' here. Some of the remarkable and seemingly inconsequential events of the day that all add up to create the rich tapestry that has been kindergarten in our area over the past century.


Click on the kindergarten for a link to a piece of their own history...


In recent years Kidsfirst Kindergartens has come a long way - it has been bold - it has successfully faced and overcome many challenges - it has sought opportunities and taken them. Indeed it has shaped itself as an organisation for the future.

To continue with our success, we must continue to be bold, while being prudent; we must always focus on our vision and our goals; and we must always value our most important resource - our people in all the various roles that they perform.

Above all we must demonstrate a PASSION in all that we do.


Sherryll Wilson, Chief Executive, Kidsfirst Kindergartens,
2002 Annual Report.


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