The Kidsfirst At our Heart Awards reflect the core values of Kidsfirst and what we believe in...  








Congratulations to Inspiring Award WinnerKidsfirst Sunbeam, recognised in the 2017 At Our Heart Awards, presented at the AGM in May.


Our values are very important to us as an association and we're so proud to be able to celebrate them in this way.


As a value Inspiring – and always striving to do more - is about being innovative, showing leadership, sharing practice and risk taking. We're so fortunate to have so many inspirational people within our Kidsfirst association who amaze us with their energy, commitment and imagination.


We cannot think of a more deserving recipient of the Inspiring award for 2017, than Kidsfirst Sunbeam.


This teaching team continue to lead our Association sharing their practice with an increasing number of visitors, from our own Kidsfirst teachers, affiliates, other associations and ECE providers to representatives and professional services including the MOE.


The team have hosted Saint Albans Primary, M.ED university, ARA students and Haeata Community Campus at their kindergarten and truly value the learning gained from other perspectives.


Kidsfirst Sunbeam presented at the Kidsfirst Professional Learning Hui with overwhelming success, spent three years exploring Te Ao Maori (The Maori world) including a team visit to Rehua Marae to foster relationships with local iwi, and were proud to be chosen to build a sister city relationship with Asahi Kindergarten in Kurashiki, Japan.


Individual teachers are actively involved with community happenings - on working parties such as ICT and as leaders in cultural groups. The kindergarten hosted the launch of a book The Worry Bug written to support children following the Canterbury earthquakes. And parents are welcomed and encouraged to share their inspirational skills with tamariki, such as art and pottery, at kindergarten.


The team work intensely every day to provide an inspirational environment and a sense of awe for tamariki. A number of excursions - such as a weekly visit to the local park - extends learning. There is huge commitment to developing a teaching practice that remains responsive to the learning community, with a  focus on improved outcomes for children, family and whānau.


Congratulations Kidsfirst Sunbeam!


Although we celebrate these values each year with awards and certificates, we know that tamariki, families and communities see the behaviours and commitment associated with our values every day, in so many different ways in all of our wonderful kindergartens and early learning centres across the network. So congratulations and keep doing what you're doing so well.


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