We've been around for over 100 years and we've always loved celebrating community. Especially when there's a kindergarten connection like for our 100 year old birthday card...  







Cantanbrian centenarian, Pauline Valentine, featured in an article in The Christchurch Press for her 100th birthday and it caught the attention of the teaching team at Kidsfirst Beckenham.


The article mentioned Pauline's involvement as part of a group who raised funds to start what is now Kidsfirst Beckenham kindergarten, and that she was probably the last surviving member of that group by now.


Head Teacher, Jill Peters says, "tamariki were excited by the idea of making and sending Pauline a 100 year old birthday card with drawings of what they liked about their kindergarten.”


“We contacted the Press and forwarded our birthday card to them, accompanied by photos of some old and new features of Kidsfirst Beckenham kindergarten and requested they pass it on to Mrs Valentine.”


To their delight children were able to sing happy birthday to Pauline in person. She was keen to visit to say thank you personally. A parent arranged a pick up and Mrs Valentine, arrived in blue jeans with just one walking stick for a grand kindergarten guided tour, a cup of tea and pikelets with jam and cream. 


When talking about being 100 years old one child remarked “That’s really old isn’t it!”




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