In 2017, at Kidsfirst Kindergartens we take inspiration from the tamariki who come to us, our amazing teachers, the engaged parents and caregivers we see each day and the supportive communities that we call home. Help us to celebrate a year of inspiration with learning, excitement, thinking and fun. 



Just as we're inspired by our teachers they are constantly inspired by tamariki. Each day the children amaze and surprise us - and encourage us to do our best for them.


Our internal values include 'inspiring' - which is at the very heart of everything we do.




Kidsfirst Kindergartens are one of New Zealand's leading early childhood education providers with over 70 kindergartens and early learning centres and a reputation for the highest quality.


What's special about kindergarten? There are so many reasons your child should come here.




What's at the heart of what we do? The At Our Heart Awards celebrate our best.


Professional development for our teachers is something that Kidsfirst prioritises. Our learning hui is just one example of how...


There's been a lot of talk about the benefits of having male teachers - here's what they have to say about early childhood as a job.



Our kindergartens have been recognised with a number of Healthy Heart awards - once more! Read about why...


"A picture says a thousand words." Here are some tips on how to take better images of your tamariki, with some simple suggestions anyone can follow for better photos.


Every day brings learning opportunities. Good quality early childhood education is so important to ensure tamariki benefit from these 'special times'.


Biculturalism is an increasing focus at our kindergartens and early learning centres

...as we learn more about our shared cultural heritage.


At Kidsfirst, we're fortunate to have great teachers who bring a wealth of personal and professional skills to each and every day.

 Kidsfirst teacher Helen Smith talks about getting inspiration from children at Kidsfirst Lincoln. 



Our big inspirations - what is it that makes us get out of bed in the morning, energised and ready for everything the day brings?


Our teachers share so much more than their time with the tamariki. Events from their own lives can inspire a lot of fun and learning.


There are many ways to find our inspiration. It's as varied and exciting as all our different kindergartens and early learning centres...


How do you take a simple idea and turn it into something that has far-reaching impact - all over the world, in fact!


Teaching doesn't happen exclusively inside the kindergarten. Experiences mean so much to our youngest learners...


Our new developments are exciting... the Kidsfirst Kindergartens 'family' is getting bigger and there's always something happening. Here's the latest.


We don't focus on topics like sustainability and recyclng to win prizes - but it's nice when it happens!


Teacher Peter Fleming won the At Our Heart Award in 2016 for Inspiring. He shares some of his thoughts. Read more...


Our open spaces and natural environments are very important to us. So are stimulating indoor spaces that are geared toward encouraging learning...


Some things you might like to know about Kidsfirst Kindergartens, who we are and what we believe in....


Kidsfirst has a proud heritage with over 100 years of history in the early childhood education world.











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