At Kidsfirst Kindergartens we take inspiration from the tamariki who come to us, our amazing teachers, the engaged parents and caregivers we see each day and the supportive communities that we call home. Help us to celebrate a year of inspiration with learning, excitement, thinking and fun. 



Community is a word that's said a lot - but what does it really mean? To us, it's part of who we are, where we're going and where we belong...



Our internal values include 'inspiring' - which is at the heart of everything we do.




Kidsfirst Kindergartens are one of New Zealand's leading early childhood education providers with over 70 kindergartens and early learning centres and a reputation for the highest quality.


What's special about kindergarten? There are so many reasons your child should come here.




We have a community of animals across our Kidsfirst network. Interacting with them is so very important for the tamariki in so many ways...


Our Kidsfirst Sumner kindergarten community was delighted to perform at the opening of the new Sumner Centre - Mātuku Takotako. 



Sometimes you just want to get together to have some fun. Community events have always been part of the kindergarten spirit.





Many of our kindergartens and early learning centres look well beyond their own walls and interact on a more global level.


It's not just children who grow at kindergarten. A lot of plants do too - and those either at the kindy or in community gardens often produce a harvest that has plenty to share.





More and more parents are realising that good quality early childhood education is so important to ensure tamariki benefit from these 'special times' as research shows...


At Kidsfirst Kaiapoi North, Head Teacher Ally Exton says their neighbours are trees, and an important part of the kindy community.


At Kidsfirst, we're fortunate to have great teachers who bring a wealth of personal and professional skills to each and every day.



Kidsfirst Kindergartens Lincoln are known for their connections to the community, as Head Teacher Joyce McHerron explains...




Our online community is right behind Kidsfirst and the work we're doing educating tamariki...


Kidsfirst Portsmouth Street kindergarten community were excited to join the opening Pōwhiri (welcoming ceremony) of the new Haeata Community Campus in Aranui. 


We have the unwavering support of so many amazing people in our kindergarten communities. Some very special people have been with us for almost a lifetime!


Our new developments are exciting... the Kidsfirst Kindergartens 'family' is getting bigger and there's always something happening. Here's the latest.


Many community initiatives end up in our kindergartens and early learning centres - and they make a world of difference. Read more about some of these...


Our open spaces and natural environments are very important to us. So are stimulating indoor spaces that are geared toward encouraging learning...


Kidsfirst has a proud heritage with over 100 years of history in the early childhood education world.


Some things you might like to know about Kidsfirst Kindergartens, who we are and what we believe in....













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