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Our Teachers

Joyce McHerron
Head Teacher
Bachelor of Teaching and Learning
Post Graduate Diploma of Education
Helen Smith
Bachelor of Teaching and Learning
Diploma of Teaching (ECE)
Higher Diploma of Teaching
Suzanne McClelland
Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (ECE)
NZ Free Kindergarten Union Diploma
Ingrid Livingstone
Graduate Diploma of Teaching (ECE)

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Our Education Service Manager, or ESM, is an important member of our teaching team.  Based at Kidsfirst Head Office, she is on site regularly to observe our programme, give us feedback and professional support, and encourage us toward continuous educational improvement. Please feel free to talk with her about your child’s kindergarten/centre experience..


Our ESM is Susan Szentivanyi


Our Hours Are...

Session Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Full-day 8:45-14:45 8:45-14:45 8:45-14:45 8:45-14:45 8:45-14:45
Morning 8:45-11:45 8:45-11:45 8:45-11:45 8:45-11:45 8:45-11:45

We are able to talk to parents and caregivers most of the time, so please make an appointment if you'd like to do this. EMAIL US HERE


Our Session Times

Your child can come to our kindergarten for up to 6 hours a day, Monday to Friday, during our 4 kindergarten terms.
These terms echo the terms your child will have when they start school.



You can read more here about what's been happening in our archive of stories about Kidsfirst Kindergartens, the fun we have, the processes and learning outcomes that result and why we're such a great start for your child.


Our Routines

Our days follow a regular routine, with time for play, gathering together, the exploration of ideas and concepts and engaging in social interaction. Detailed below are examples of the key focus times. For more information about the daily routine and kindergarten policies, please see our notice board.


Sessions start at 8-45am and kindergarten finishes at 2-45pm. Some people choose to enrol for the morning only and finish at 11-45am. There is also the option to attend from 11-45am to 2-45pm.


Arriving at kindergarten

When you arrive at kindergarten we encourage children to find their name tag, hang up their bag, put their lunchbox on the shelf by the kitchen and if they want, to sign in at the children’s sign-in sheet on the writing table inside.

All adults need to sign their child in and out each day. The sign-in book is on the table on the verandah and requires you to write the time of arrival and departure as well as signing your signature. This is a legal document and needs to be completed each time you arrive and depart. Above the book is a whiteboard with notices. You will also find information in the parent seating area on the verandah as well as paper notices in a message pocket in the locker area. Each week a newsletter is sent out online via EDUCA to keep you up to date with upcoming events as well as what we have been learning about and engaging in.


Group Time

Gathering together as a group is an important part of the kindergarten session where we share our ideas, have discussions and come together as a community of learners. This helps children to see who is at kindergarten that day, to develop their listening skills and have the opportunity to express their ideas in a large group. We gather together about 9-15am when a bell rings. You are welcome to sit on the mat to support your child and join in. At this time we have karakia together.

We also join together at the end of your child’s day, to reflect and plan together as well as relaxing with stories, songs and rhymes. We encourage children to collect their belongings and bring their bags out to you to foster their independence skills and responsibility. There is a small gathering of those who go home for lunch at 11-30am and for those who leave in the afternoon at 2-30pm.


Kai Time

We have a rolling kai system for morning tea and lunch. Children are required to wash their hands and be seated while eating and drinking in designated areas. Having a small container for a morning snack and another container for lunch, assists the children to regulate how much to eat and when to eat it.



Our kindergarten is a nut free zone, so please check that all items do not contain any traces of peanuts/nuts. Please check food labels as nuts sometimes hide in muesli bars and people forget that Nutella is nut based as are all chocolate spreads.



Children will need to bring a named container with healthy snacks for their morning tea and a separate named lunch box for lunch. Drink bottles are not required as water is provided.


Please make us aware of any special dietary requirements and other allergies.


We have a WRAP FREE policy. This means no plastic wrap, foil or plastic packets. We encourage the use of smaller marked containers or segmented kai boxes. If you have any questions about the suitability of an item please see a teacher.


Ideas for a healthy snack may include the following:

  • Sandwich
  • Biscuit/crackers/pretzels
  • Small muffin/dried fruit
  • Vegetable sticks/fruit
  • Pita wraps/pikelets

However, the following are discouraged:

  • Muesli bars/chocolate coated biscuits
  • Chocolate/sweets/chips

Nuts, Peanut Butter, Nutella and chocolate spreads need to be eaten at home.


Tidy-Up Time

Children are encouraged to be responsible during the day and teacher support them to think about how they can look after the equipment and the space they are working in. At the end of the day, we encourage children to help put equipment away, wipe tables and generally tidy up. We appreciate any assistance from parents – please feel free to come in early and help by picking up a broom to sweep the floor or concrete outside, wipe down tables, unload or load the dishwasher…


Friends of Lincoln Kindergarten (FOLK)

This is a parent group that meets twice a term in the evening to support and discuss what is happening at kindergarten, any issues, ideas and fundraising. It is also an opportunity to meet other parents in the community. A notice with the date, time and possible agenda are up on the notice board by the sign in book and notes to the meeting are posted on EDUCA as well as being displayed in the parent seating area for all to read. All are welcome - come along, enjoy and meet some new people.



We collect items such as clean boxes, fabric and milk bottle tops, small glass jars, buttons, ribbon and lace. We accept anything except toilet rolls, laundry detergent boxes and medicine containers. Natural materials are always in demand e.g. shells or driftwood, so please keep this in mind on your trips to the beach or forest. Small amounts often are appreciated as we have limited storage space. There are collection bags hanging in the parent area which you can take with you and return with treasures for the children to use.


Enviroschools Programme

Our kindergarten is part of the Enviroschools programme, which educates children and their families/whānau about the environment, our responsibilities and place in it. We are involved in our community with connections to the community gardens, our local schools and the Mahoe Reserve. We often go for walks in the local community in large or small groups. Feel free to ask us about this programme, and how we became the first Early Childhood Centre to achieve Green Gold Award status. We now have achieved beyond Green Gold and work to continue to be kaitiaki and make decisions with an environmental focus.



We do not have a lot of parking at kindergarten, and encourage our families who can walk, cycle, scooter or car pool to do so. There are 10 minute carparks outside the kindergarten. If you bring your bike or scooter, these can be left by the gate in the bike stand and will not be ridden during session.



We do not have washing facilities at kindergarten, rather we are assisted by parents who collect the washing when it is put out in a bag on the verandah. Your help is greatly appreciated.


Our Pets

We currently have a pet canary named Margalo, and two fish named Flash and Chips. We have a weekly roster to take Margalo home for the weekend and the fish over the holidays.


Parent Library

We have a collection of books, videos and pamphlets on parenting issues and children’s growth and development. These are located on the bookself above the lockers. Please record any items that you borrow in the notebook. There are also many other items of interest and school information, which you are welcome to use.


Lost Property

A lost property box is located next to the sign in table on the verandah. It helps us to return items if they are clearly named. Any unclaimed property at the end of the term is put in the blue clothing container at the gate or used as spare clothes at kindergarten.



When your child has a birthday we will acknowledge it by inviting them to share with the group what has happened for them and we sing Happy Birthday to them. The big celebration is saved until they leave kindergarten, most often when they turn 5.

We celebrate your child’s 5th birthday at their last mat time (or an agreed time) with a certificate, a look in their profile book, an Earthday plant and a clay cake, which s/he helps to make at kindergarten. It is a time to reflect with your child remembering the time they have had at kindergarten along with the contributions they have made to this place. Family/whanau are welcome to join us for this celebration. If the family/whanau feel they would like to give a gift to the kindergarten, you are welcome to do so. We just ask that it is not in the form of food or sweets. There is no expectation from the teachers that a gift will be given. Many people want to record this occasion using photos and or video. We request that you only record your child. 





















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